At Xeros Gear™ we know that sports equipment smells, that is no secret.  Certain types of equipment are difficult to clean and others have hard to reach areas that truly require moisture and odor removal.  Designing bags that target these areas in sports equipment seemed like a no brainer; so a design was created for our first bag which is for shin guards.  They fit the criteria of a problem piece of equipment as they tend to smell (and smell bad) because they are against the skin the entire play time, and they are also difficult to clean.

The bag design is creative, as it allows the shin guards to have their "skin side" face each other, with a pocket in the middle that holds the highly effective moso bamboo charcoal which removes the moisture and odor.  The middle pocket has a velcro opening at the top so the moso bamboo charcoal bag can be removed to either place in the sun for a couple of hours to rejuvenate, or, when it's useful life is up, after about a year, to replace with a new moso bamboo charcoal bag.  This feature ensures that you don't need to buy a whole new shin guard deodorizing bag when the moso bamboo charcoal needs replacing, and it also allows for the shin guard deodorizing bag to be washed.

The idea is to keep the sports equipment clean, dry and odor free.  We know our customers are big proponents of skin health, and a critical characteristic of the moso bamboo charcoal is that it contains no toxins, fragrances or chemicals, so it won't have a negative reaction on your skin.  In fact, since we are keeping the shin guards dry and odor free, the bacteria that are usually are on them won't be there, so it should also help in preventing shin guard rash and other skin afflictions.

The fact that it is natural and safe can give you ease of mind since it will be used around your children and pets.  Unlike most other deodorizers, moso bamboo charcoal is eco-friendly and biodegradable.  Bamboo itself is also sustainable, so we are not taking away from the environment as the bamboo is fast at replenishing itself.  This also makes it a more affordable product to use in our custom bag offerings so everyone can enjoy the benefits of its use.

With Xeros Gear™ deodorizing sports equipment bags you don't need to worry about spraying a deodorizer onto your sports equipment, or forgetting one behind, or losing it in your bag.  We have solved the problem by making it a part of the bag, so you don't need to think about it every time you walk off the field.  Just put your gear in its bag, as you normally would, and off you go.  The next time you use it, it will be dry and free of odor.

After about two months, the effectiveness of the moso bamboo charcoal wears out.  At that time, you can remove the moso bamboo charcoal from your gear bag and place it in the sun for a few hours to rejuvenate it.  Or, you can simply put a brand new bag in, and recycle the old bag in your garden or house plants.